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December 30, 2005



I breathlessly await your "Sacto Science Theatre 3000" version of the OTHER version of the Exorcist prequel, the one directed by the transfinitely more talented Paul Schrader that was nixed at the literal last moment by the studio and given over to the transfinitely untalented Renny H for him to work his usual turd-in-the-punchbowl magic on...
Renny Harlin: when you need mediocrity, accept no substitutes.

And BB: stop being such a weenie! After Modesto Youth Theatre how scary can a 1500 year old demon incrusted temple be for Eris's sake?


ummmmm point of order?

RE: "No American actors' careers were harmed during the making of this film."

Is that because none of them had careers BEFORE they made this movie?


Most of the cast were European. The few American actors were of such obscurity that I doubt that the inclusion of E:TB on their vitae will harm them.


ROFL!!!!! My favorite part was:

Me: Look at this guy! You know, I've been agnostic since I was ten, and even I would not venture alone, at night, into a recently-unearthed, 1500 year-old church with demonic symbols all over the walls.

BB: OK, what's that under the upside-down cross? ... A crypt? Sure! It's a crypt! What else would it be?

Me: Even I would not open a crypt in a 1500 year-old church, alone at night ...

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