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December 09, 2005



In the relatives-only edition f our family newsletter I'm going to include a quick line about how after us Moonbats get through hijacking Xmas Mom and I even know which warehouse in Reno Hillary's gonna keep it in!

And despite that they'll continue to email me transcipts of O'Reilly and Limbaugh all through '06.

They're kinda charmingly thick that way.


Why is it that these people, who SO want to restore the religious implications of _________ (fill in the blank holiday) get so utterly un-moored when schools suggest teaching...let's get radical about this...the Koran to non-Muslim students? All of a suddden the entire foundations of Western civ are being threatened because some other religion is being given a momentary visibility (there was a flap a few years ago at UNC on the very same theme). It all boils down to a basci proposition: in their heart-of-hearts, these people Do Not Believe in Other Religions. They not-so-secretly think that tolerance and or even the simple act of acknowledging other religions is Bad and must be stopped. To them, freedom of religion means freedom for white Protetant denominations only.


What? Viciously including non-Christian holidays in your greetings?

Showing feelings of an almost human nature!


Anthony is channeling the same unholy spirit that possessed me in my youth. This spirit kept me looking for verifiable evidence, and thought that when more naive folks spouted stuff about doubting Thomas, they always leave out the part where he believes AFTER seeing the Christ, and feeling his nail holes. Then, the elders who proof read must have said "WE can't encourage this sort of questioning". They go on to say how fantastic you will be with God if you believe with no evidence! I doubt that this is something that the carpenter would say. He questioned everything about the assumptions that were made in his day.

The rights mantra goes like this:

Never question authority, never examine your faith or the foundations of the actual writings of the Bible. If you do, it is with the faith that the type of belief you already have is perfect, and that you must seek for ways to confirm what you already "KNOW" is the truth. By the way, only Jesus is allowed to question, not us mere mortals.


Obviously, though, they don't speak for all Christians.

It's just that, the more intolerant these self-appointed spokespeople are, and the more outrageous their statements get, the more TV time they are awarded. It makes it sound like they're in the majority. I can't believe they are.


I don't know. Daisy looks a little frightened to be involved in the War On Christmas.

I don't know if we pagan revelers can count on her in a pinch. She looks like she might cave under torture...

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