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December 11, 2005



The Messiah? You can't even Handel Saul or Jeptha!
Went and saw Narnia this weekend: note to conservative Christians trying to capture American popular democracy by mainstreaming your religious beliefs into mass media--people, you're going to have to do a LOT BETTER than this if you want to turn this country into a theocratic state. Narnia was a perfect illustration how a cinematic vocabulary created by an authentic talent (Peter Jackson in LOTR) can be co-opted by a semi-newbie (Andrew Adamson) into mere competence. Everything that was original in Narnia wasn't very good and everything that was good in it wasn't very original. Personally, I think the White Witch rocked. I think she should marry Senator Palpatine and show the Galaxy how a ruler should dress to rule!


We couldn't see Narnia this weekend, but we'll catch it soon. Anybody else see it?


It was great! They didn't blow it! It blew us away and made the girls gasp. Yay.


I saw it... I want my gas money back. HATED IT! (Boy Wonder said he liked, but we haven't let him see the LOTR, so he doesn't really have much to compare it to, really. And he says he likes Everything anyhow.)

Oh... and the kid who plays Lucy stopped being cute 25 minutes into the movie.


I'm slightly ashamed to to admit it, but as kitschy-Disney as they were, I liked the Beaver couple. But Mr. Tumnnus wore out his welcome real early and I kept sitting through the movie thinking, "you know, these kids are really just a hair too composed about being batted into a world filled with talking Beavers and centaurs and messiah-like lions...real kids would have wet themselves a bit before settling down to playing 20 Questions with such a crew..."

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