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December 14, 2005



Yes, they do.


You fix the wayward soul with a withering look and remind him or her that Mr. Zappa said - brown **SHOES** don't make it and socks are another matter.


A dozen retorts spring unbidden! "At least I don't smell like socks" or "I'm not wearing socks... oh, that's my leg hair..."


Matching socks are a sign of a boring, conformity minded corporate personality. I can't think of anything that says "Pam" more than non-matching yet still color co-ordinated socks.
Saw "King Kong" last night. It takes about 45 minutes for the film to get going but once it does, it's top notch. Everything that "Narnia" wasn't quite, Kong is...
Now bring on the Pudding Movie!


"You don't like these socks? How about this punch? ... This HAWAIIAN punch!" *slam*


which is precisely why I never match my socks - ever. Once you let go of the need you'd be surprised at how easy it is - how free it can be - dare i say liberating.

If it ever happens again, just tell them you meant for that to happen. What can they say to that? (except perhaps they don't have the guts to do it themselves.) Dare them to try it.


My daughter used to wear "silly socks", as her preschool teacher called them. Each sock a different color and usually non-matchy to the outfit. She was inspiring! However, the crushing need for conformity in elementary school has taken hold of her now. :-(


"Socks, shmocks! Children are dying in India and you're worried about socks!"

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