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December 16, 2005



Sometimes my last few days come up. Sometimes they don't. My pictures are gone but there is a reassuring note that they will replace them over the weekend. Can we start a class action suit?

Your mother


It's been an odd day.

I was one of the first 300-some TypePad beta testers. This morning one of our alums from that time threw the towel.


Mom: It's like playing virtual baseball with their pixellated bat and ball. What did you really lose?

Pops: (Boy was that a weird pair of names to type in one comment)
You left TP yourself. Was it because of the outages?


I wonder if it is an addiction, though, when it is an addiction to human contact. Maybe it can be seen as a symptom of widespread cultural isolation.


:) There is another word for being addicted to human contact. Heh.


??? I can't think of another word!

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