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December 29, 2005



Ugh. This whole working for a living thing is definitely cutting into my holiday fun, now that I'm back in the office for a whole day and a half.


My time away - five days! - has underscored how little I understand this agency or my job. I still have no idea what they expect from me. I mean, I knew the unit was brand-new, but I thought I'd at least be trained, have a mentor, have permission to contact people and conduct the research that seems to be required, have a concrete end product to work on, and/or have productive and informative meetings with my peers. There's none of that going on, none.

And in case you think I'm just a whiner - Cheerful feels exactly the same way. She just got done talking my ear off. One of my ears has fallen off my head. Happy?


Have you ever considered that like Patrick Magoohan's character in "The Prisoner" you have been assigned to an essentially meaningless job as a covert form of punishment for some past betryal? Think carefully about your time spent in the Old Office and ask yourself: didn't I ocassionbally see an enigmatic white bubble go by?
Be thankful that neither Sheriff Andy nor Kafka are involved....


Good to have you back, sweetie, and as enigmatically off-topic as ever before.



The first time I went on a two-week vacation I got in the elevator and couldn't remember what floor I worked on. Good times...

Regarding the new unit, is the boss just as frustrated and foundering as the rest of you? It does sound like they are not providing the leadership that is needed, but they may not know how. Based on the list of things above that you can't do, are you saying that they are resistent to you providing some 'leadership from behind'? If it's a truly untenable situation I'm sorry. If you think that there are some opportunities to define your role more clearly and encourage some productivity, then tell me if I can help. :)

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