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November 24, 2005



A tip (too late, I know) for liquidy pumpkin (thanks to America's Test Kitchen): spread the pumpkin out on layers of papertoweling and let it rest for about 10 minutes. The toweling will absorb the moisture and still release the pumpkin.

I love pie made with real pumpkin... don't know why it tastes better. And I'm sure your pies will be fine.


Happy Thanksgiving, all.


Mmmm, pumpkin pie. I'd happily take those off your hands so that you could make a fresh batch but somehow I think it the shipping costs might be a little prohibitive... ;-)

Happy Thanksgiving!


The pie was wonderfull!!! A small slice of the store bought apple pie was eaten in the first round, but all of the first pumpkin pie was eaten, and the 2nd pie had major encroachments. I think she sold her soul to the all-imbibing Yak.


Your pie reminds me of a Thanksgiving dinner I attended when I was in college. I went to the friend of a friend's for dinner...and kind as she was, the woman was no cook. A hilariously unedible meal (the kind where you push the food around your plate, trying to make it look like you've eaten much more than you have) was topped off by a pumpkin pie that oozed from a slice shape into a puddle on the plate...and had the distinct flavor of tabasco. Yours sounds like a great success. And kudos to you for using *real* pumpkin.


MMM! Tabasco and pumpkin! SO Wolfgang Puck and yet so New California Cuisine at the same time! Makes me hungry for Spagos and any power lunch I could get invited to!
Personally, the whole Thanksgiving edifice of carefully prepared cooking in a loving family setting is, I don't know, so very pre-Kurt Cobain irony. Can you honestly SEE Kurt, Courtney and little Francis Bean actually holding hands and thanking Whomever Is Listening for the lovely turkey and cranberry dressing and the loaded .38? I doubt it. I think we need a NEW holiday, one designed to be enjoyed at whatever fast food joint or smack club you actually are at. No attachments, loud soundtrack, and hopefully no lousy pumpkin pie, either.

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