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November 19, 2005



I heward that Lord Voldemord looks like Orson Welles in "Citizen Kane" but maybe I was hitting the glass pipe a little too hard this weekend??
If I ever find out again that you've been talking to that Covey boy again you are GROUNDED young lady until your 12th Debutante Party! That boy is BAD NEWS--everyone on the block knows about his "7 Creepy Habits" he reputedly stole from the Jesuits down the block.
Bad Pam!


Aw, c'mon! Pleeeease? I know he's a cultist and his methods are completely derived from public domain philosophies, but he's so dreamy ...


OK, just this once. But you'd better be in before the third fiscal quarter and if I hear that the two of you went anywhere near a Tony Robbins seminar you are SO busted young lady!

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