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November 01, 2005



A friend and I came up with an even better rock mantra: "Free Bruce"--combining as it does TWO rock icons, Skynnrd and Da Boss! Also, while yelling "Freebird" may qualify as vaguely historical, yelling "Whipping Post" is even older and more sanctified, especially if you make a pilgrimage to NY to the site of the Fillmore East and take a moment and channel your inner Duane Allman!!
(But for Eris's sake, DO NOT channel your outer Gregg Allman--look what happened to Cher!)


O my ERIS!! Are we that old?


I love that joke! FREEBIRD!

Or the related joke: "Is that FREEEEEDOM rock? Well, turn it UP!"


Bono has people holding up their cell phones in place of lighters at concerts

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