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November 30, 2005



This sounds like a prelude to the sentient elevators in "Hitchiker's Guide" and I don't think anyone would consider that a step in the right direction!


This works directly into my Master Plan to ascend to the presidency on the Grilled Cheese ticket! Oh swoon, it's all falling into place!


Hmmmm...I think need one of these. So that I can take my butter everywhere.


We don't need no stinkin' ButterWizard.... We've been using a butter bell for years: http://www.butterbell.com/


In Japan, some of the hotel honor bars (minibars) can detect when you remove a bottle of Sake, and then they can charge your for it when you check out. It's based on weight, I think. I'd call it a dishonor bar, but you know how the Japanese are about dishonor.

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