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November 23, 2005



You Passed 8th Grade Science

I got an 8/8 but you're just gonna have to believe me on this issue.


Well, you might like to know that the neutron question has an egregious typo. Namely, it asks you the electrical charge of a neuron, which, is most definitely *not* 8th grade science.

I learned about igneous rock in 8th grade. The cell stuff was 6th. So what gives?


You must've been in AP Science, Maya.


8/8. For this I credit the California Public School system PRE-PROP 13

Also, doing pre-med at Berkeley helped.

Okay. Who remembers the Krebs cycle?


I do--he crashed it trying to play Evil Kneevil when he was 16 or so. Major bummer.
I too am a product of pre Prop 13 CA education, albeit in one of the poorer, more declasse Districts. But I kept falling alseep in 11th grade chemistry (although I still know what an ion is and what a long-chain molecule is) so I attribute my 8/8 to reading Carl Sagan and others for years and years (billions of them I know)...


Yeah -- I was stumped about the charge of a NEURON, too. I thought maybe it was a trick question of some kind, but that's due to my tendency to think too much. I'll refrain from sharing my perfect score.


And I didn't even catch that at all! I don't deserve to have passed eighth grade! WAAAAAAAAAH

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