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November 22, 2005



This is a perfectly well known syndrome amongst godesses who have to move to a different spiritual plane: flashes of crippling mortal self-identification. All will pass and once again Pam will reign supreme amongst all Beancounters, dispersing both divine wisdom and healing draughts from the Cola Yak, plus all the Pudding-related dish we mortals can bear.
Such days we can only anticipate in joyous expectation!
(I'm really trying to actually engage with the given content of each blog but it's so hard when the Saucer People start their whispering campaign in my ear!)


Focus, Anthony, focus! Pam needs us! She is asking, nay, begging for advice!

Give yourself over to Eris. Or Kali! Hire a staff.

Everything will be okay, hon. This too shall pass.


What does one say to the infinite? "Gee but you do go on!" What does one say to the omniscient? "Huh, a know-it-all!" What does one say to omnipotent? "Power-tripper!"
All mortals should know their place...


And she came to rule in her own department, having conquered all doubt and lack of leadership. Eris rejoiced, and were blessed.

You ask the infinite for the best way to be kind, than do what you would have done anyway.


Guys, if you're gonna try and channel the Goddess, please refer to the Bible for guidance first:



If I channelled the Goddess I'd explode. I'll settle for merely working with feverish earnestness to earn her most fleeting of celestial smiles.
And a few hundred thousand bucks in my bank account wouldn't hurt either...

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