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October 08, 2005



We've been to that mall! Don't remember the lovely golden icons, though. What a wonderful Saturday morning read.


Hey, I have to look through my archives of old emails, but I was emailing suggestions to Rob in '99-'00. I suggested the 'shine jug. He cracked up at the idea. I wanted other, more zany things, but the jug stole the show. If I can find the email and his reply, I'll blog it. Cockerham is the unofficial mayor of Sacto hijinks. I wanted to ask him to help me with a paper mache rock with plaque for Stagger Inn. Rob is also a strong supporter of the Peep Movement in Sacramento.


OK, I was flat wrong. I half fibbed, I did not tell him about the jug 'o shine, but I like my suggestions. I found the three emails, my first email, his reply and my reply to his reply, all in reverse order. Im still shocked I could find the emails.

My suggestions were:

* RX/Apothecary Mixing bowl and grinding tool
* Bowling Pin
* Toothbrush
* VW Bus
* Alien head
* Facial Mask


The very fact that you were in on the prank is inspiring to me!

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