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October 03, 2005



Oh, that could be easy to piece and make.. and would be a fun piece in a cubicle. (what hobbies have replaced quilting?? just curious...)


Where to begin ... well, blogging, obviously. Being bored at work takes up a huge chunk of time. Then add blogging *about* work, and there you have it. OTOH, two things on the good side (but not really hobbies) are child-rearing and school.


OTOOH (just add an "other" to the aforementioned acronym) school and child-rearing are definitely NOT hobbies to/for children!
Pam and I have been reminiscing about a really luridly terrible production of Gounod's "Faust" that the Music Department at our undergraduate alma mater (name supplied on repeated request)once attempted in a fit of liberal srts hubris. If anyone else out there has memories of similar bizarro attempts at cultural profundity by their repsective schools we'd be happy to hear about them (and we'll try not to laugh at them too much).
I hasten to add that the Drama Department of our school also had its share of clinkers but somehow nothing on the scale of pretention this particular "Faust" aspired to... Or perhaps I sugar-coat??


Quit trying to scare my readers, sweetie.

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