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October 01, 2005



Well you've offered up a regular cornucopia of fun activities for a Saturday, that's for sure, but I'm thinking, if it's ok with you, I'd like to keep inhaling this gym sock full of fiberglas resin and staring at that flickr thingy over there cuz I almost saw God, well he wasn't the God we usually think of, ya know the thunderbolt flinging dude with long white hair, naw, he was the God of the Mice!


Bullys never offered me flowers- I might have dropped dead.

That's cause you played HIGHSCHOOL FOOTBALL and most of the bullies recognized you from the defensive secondary position.
Most of the bullies in my highschool were well aware of the "rumor" surrounding my family and exactly which Sicilian Social Club my father was reputed to have been a member of so consequently my HS days were fairly sedate...
Now whether I wanted bullies to give me flowers is another and entirely internal psychosocial question the tender readers of this blog do not need to know...

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