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September 11, 2005



I'm doing this on my blog... but it's been 35 years... I don't even remember all the songs on the list.

But the songs that have lasted are true CLASSICS.


I thought this was fun.


I used this post to make a point on my page.

BTW - Sheena Easton's ex husband is part of a drag queen review. He does her doing Morning Train.


She also came to fame through some proto-reality show that I vaguely remember at the time. Was a frumpy English girl who won the show and got re-invented as a super-sexy nymphette. (Sheena Easton that is)


Didn't Air Supply get listed as banned music in the Geneva Convention after the invasion of Panama, and it's use against Noriega? My recollection was that Air Supply is known to trigger a visceral response leading to uncontrolled violence and seizures.


Air Supply certainly had that effect on ME.


I had a momentary vision of Aerojet suits at a CAG meeting wearing Air Supply tour shirts, and your response to them. :)


Good gravy unto the King of all gay poodles, rarely have I ever seen SO MANY godawful songs on one list (Police, Winwood, Steely Dan and Springsteen excepted of course). Billy Squier? Kim Carnes? Andy Gibb (anyone else out there tempted to call him Adenoid Gibb)? Pablo Cruise? REO SPEEDWAGON?? If I needed a cure for nostalgia this would be it's main ingredient.
Air Supply and Noriega. I remember that little gambit. Can you imagine what fun our troops in Iraq might have had with Sadaam and "Who Let The Dogs Out?" if history had been a little kinder?
Anyone remember "'Lizbeth Taylor Thighs", the not-so-subtle parody of Kim Carnes' anti-masterpiece?


In 1981 I was listening to the clash, the english beat, etc. I was rather proud of my disdain for this particular list, almost in its entirety. I was a total snob with a mohawk.


It's amazing Jo and I didn't run into one another during our younger days, really, being within 35 miles of one another and listening to the same tunes. Or maybe we did and just didn't know it. But I have the same issues. I'm not familiar at all with the vast majority of stuff on this list. I was listening to The Ramones and The Clash and old New York Dolls and other unsavory stuff.

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