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September 23, 2005



I LOVE IT!!!!!!

I'm going to teach it to my pups at home- Daisy, you're the BEST.


Daisy is the Magic Familiar of our Bunny. She wants Bunny to get an invitation to Hogwarts. Her powers tend to the silly, however. Pam and Bunny can't stop singing that blasted song!! I have had calls from school, and Pams boss, who does know me, called to ask oif "things are all right at home". DAISY is a BAD DOG !! Take off your spell NOW!!


Weak. You call that a spell? You should try owning a full-fledged magical HAMSTER or even a brujah burro. Those creatures can enslave you from across a city block and beleive me, you don't end up just singing stupid songs when you're under their control. No no no--you end up participating in sinister Dark Arts rituals and even end up getting sent to fetch lattes for the Death Eaters. And do you know what happens if you bring Lord Voldemord a regular latte when he specifically asked for a decaf? Think "Cruciatus Curse" only even worse...
But this dog? Differntially-abled to say the least!!

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