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September 09, 2005



To qoute South Park's Cartman: "that dog is a gay homosexual..."
Seriously, that dog (and I am applying the nome de species with some liberality) looks as though it was "kidnapped" by the entire "Queer Eye" cast and taken away on a really FABULOUS, PRECIOUS vacation to Key West or Fire Island. It just doesn't get more "gay" than this except I know for a fact that your average gay-on-the-streets now tends more towards Rottweilers or pedigree Pit Bulls. In fact, only str8 women would actually now be seen with a dog this terminally camp; it's the canine equivalent of a particularly arch version of a SALS, only less well-dressed.
And it's not even a Penguin for Eris's sake. Penguins are at least excusable...


Have to go with Anthony on this one. That dog is gay.


Oooh, my grandmother had a poodle named Sassy when I was just a little, bitty kid. I hated that damned dog with a passion, and it hated me. Same sorta interloper situation, I guess. That was one mean little dog. Not gay. Just meaner than hell.

My daughter's dog is...well...not necessarily gay, but...confused. He's have a...er...nonconsenual affair with one of the cats. He doesn't dress funny, either. But Anthony and Jo are right. The dog in that pic does indeed look as though he's been visited by the guys from Queer Eye.



Timmy was a stud. Not in the slangy sense, but owners of sexy female poodles lined up to PAY money for his services.

Yes, I was a POODLE PIMP. He was my little business partner. And he was very good at his job, we made a bundle of money, and he loved every minute of it. Timmy's genes will live on far longer than those who would cast aspersions on his masculinity.

Pam's mother


You heard it straight from the pimp's mouth!


"Pimp" is high praise among teenagers today. Great "pimp outfit." Go figure.

yo mama


Timmy was obviously in the closet. Sometimes it's those casual family snapshots that reveal the True Self. And hi, Pam's Mom!

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