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September 15, 2005



But is the O'Ferrell Theater a historical landmark now? So doesn't that make it educational?


For shame pops--mentioning that place in the company of Pam's very nice father (who is a fine, sensitive musician and probably would recoil in horror at the sight of his daughter and son-in-law even across the street from that sleazy--and extremely expensive, dark and manky--den of vice)!
And there wasn't any popcorn either as I recall...
And here I thought this was family-friendly site!


You must go to Paxton Gate in the Mission. On Valencia Street.

It's beautiful and creepy, like Morticia or Christina Ricci.
It's taxidermy gone weird, as if it wasnt'weird enough.


Then, you could hop down the street to Good Vibrations.
No, don't. Save that for a solo trip, or a day out with your galpals. Like me.


Let me weigh in with ...

First, if you're driving down, cut over to 101 from Vallejo (via Highway 37) and head for the Golden Gate Bridge. More than an aesthetic detour -- the Bay Bridge approach very often backs up along I-80 past Berkeley. Then, since you're coming in from the north, get off the highway just before you get to the bridge and drive up Conzelman Road to the Marin Headlands overlooks -- incredible bridge views.

Then, in San Francisco: Fort Point and/or Lincoln Boulevard, since you're right there. On the other end of town, for the stroll/shop/eat crowd: the Embarcadero and the Ferry Building.

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