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September 27, 2005



I hope that in true uncoordinated fashion, that when you went to high five each other, you missed!


Some day I may be mistaken for an adult... even by myself. This not having a job is very old.


Some radically unarticulated thoughts on the upcoming party:

Susan Frawley will be invited to sing her signature song, "I Hate Men!"
Rick Wallace and Stephen Hawking will debate on the real meaning of relativity.
At gunpoint, Sylvia G will be forced to perform the Lizst B-minor Sonata.
All the str8 boys from Modesto Youth Theatre will come perform Tallis's "Spem in Aulim"--the missing 39 voices will be prerecorded!
There will be a "Love Beach Karaoke Challenge"--the winner will not take home a copy of the (in)famous ELP album. Losers will be forced to date Carl Palmer for a month.
There will be a literary contest: the best essay on the theme of "what do do when there's nothing on but the final episode of 'Cosmos' and all you have to drink is a gallon of vodka" will be awarded with a B-52s Best Of CD!
Glynis A will lead a group chant of "I Enjoy Being A Girl"
The All-Sacto UU Choir will perform a medley of Melanesian pagan gospel songs. People offended may gladly contribute to the "Stop Melanesian Religious Hegemony Fund"!
Eris and Bob Dobbs will sign autographs!

This will be THE party of the Sacto social calendar!!

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