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August 26, 2005



Please, these are clearly two DIFFERENT dogs...
Yes, they grow up fast; but they don't change species...
I would expect this kind of chicanery from cat owners or Pat Robertson but not from someone graced by Eris herself!


They are differnt dogs though the grace of space and time.


Yes, at some point in the spacetime continuum (about 4am PST in Sacto CA in 2004) one dog was substituted for another. You don't have to be freakin Carl Sagan or Stephen Hawking to figure that one out...
If Erwin Schroedinger were a dog owner the answer to his classical formulation would be: "alive, dead--who cares...the point is that it's IN THE BOX and it's not going anywhere...it was peeing on all the furniture and it tried to claw Heisenberg last time he came over for schnapps...come on, Marlene meine schatze, let's go for a little walk in the park..."


This picture floors me every time I look at it. She does look radically different than she did in her puppyhood, that's for sure. When she was a puppy, she was a dead ringer for a pure-bred Pomeranian. Now that's she an adult, it's obvious she's a mix breed (Pekinese and Pom).


Oh my GOD. I must gnaw on her. CUTE.

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