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August 30, 2005



I KNOW! I saw him blathering on about the Hurricane and I looked at IZ and said, "HOW the Heck did he get so tanned?" "Five weeks of vacation will do that to you," he replied. So, now every time I see him on the tele I shout at the screen, "Get back to Washington and run the freakin country you moron!" It doesn't help but it makes me feel better.

Leader of the "free world" and he has a better tan than me. Dang it.


Yes. And I believe Dubya actually gave a "Mission Accomplished" speech re: the hurricane on Sunday or Monday. Looking for the transcript.


I think the refugees should be relocated to his ranch in Crawford, TX. He's not using it right now, after all, and it would be such a nice gesture, doncha think?


HA! YES, Snowball! We know that Crawford can sustain a refugee population based on Cindy Sheehan's efforts and the press circus that dogged her and the pro-war blockheads who threw shit at Sheehan's tent.

Plus, all the refugees should demand they have an audience with our Boy King.

Crawford would reeeeeeel with the presence of African Americans in their redneck town.


Is there a place in hell for the terminally incompetent?

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