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August 03, 2005



A plug and the chuck on a rubber tether?

I haven't seen one of those since my dad bought one at Sears before men landed on the moon!

It's not cordless?

What kinda wuss uses that?


I love the smattering of paint on the case. It adds panache to any project.


At the YSD it was a truism amongst the Tech people (a generally intelligent but resolutely non-artsy crowd of guys/gals) that the most dangerous thing on the planet was a work-study actor with a power tool in his/her hands. Generally this was true. I however, much to the surprise of some of the techies, was actually competent with various power toools (including the bad boy pictured in this blog)--a state of affairs only slightly short of seeing Bernadette at Lourdes or Our Lady of Fatima at the local supermarketin its incredulity factor but which, once witnessed by a properly competent technician, was passed along the Tech grapvine with remarkable speeed: THERE'S A DRAMATURG OUT THERE WHO CAN HANDLE POWER TOOLS!
Consequently, by my third year I was actually a "welcome sight" at set strikes and such because it meant that there was ONE non-Tech who could be given a pt and actually trusted with it.
Of such small accidents are reputations made...


My drill looks EXACTLY like that! Only it's all spattered with white paint. I think it doesn't even have a grounded plug. Wow. I'm journeying down memory lane... Stand back...


My drill is a DeWalt that is 7 years old, and is great condition. I have used it on my house, fence, motors, engines, and computers. The cord is pristine, the body a bright yellow. I would replace the cord on N. Bills. My portables are somewhat more grungy, but still work.

I think that I approach tools like a computer nerd, instead of a weekend warrior. The appearance of this drill on my front porch made me think that this tool was seeking a new owner that would take care of it, and give it a new lease on life!


You know, it's not uncommon for guys to talk to, give nicknames to and otherwise have a very personal relationship with some kinds of "power tools," but when guys start actually personalizing and adopting REAL power toools it's time for Mr. Elctro-Shock Therapy to come a' callin!

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