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August 27, 2005



What about the "Broken Rake"?
"Broken Rake," the new John Woo action/comedy film centers on happy suburban parents (Christian Slater/Samantha Mathis) who, having survived the attempted nuclear blackmail of the US, have settled down to a lfe of lawnwork, watching TV and raising their precocious son Derek. But happiness turns to tragedy when Derek is possesed by the evil spirit of John Travolta, who uses Derek as a way to kinda try and blackmail maybe just the school district so he doesn't have to do his homework. Further evil is provded by a plasma screen TV haunted by Howie Long (the villanous sidekick) who, frankly, doesn't do much as far as Derek et al are concerend but looks kinda cool in a series of hellish Top Gun guys-playing-volleyball inserts.
Coming to a theatre near someone, Summer 2006!!


Oh, yes. We were so unfit for yard duty on Saturday, that BB took out his hostilities on a poor rake. Snapped the thing in two, then took a saw and carved it up before tossing the remains in the bin! Gruesome! Maniacal laughter! I took a pic while on the phone with Anthony. I'll post that on Flickr right now.

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