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August 27, 2005



I'm 69% Nerd. Woo hoo.


Outcast Genius: 82 % Nerd, 91% Geek, 65% Dork.

Lovely. I don't have the time to take over the world . . .


43% Geek


Does anyone remember that in the 60s and parts of the 70s (dependng on where you went to high school) being a Jock or a Cheerleader was quite probably WORSE than being a Nerd, Geek or Dork? In my high school coterie (note the exclusiveness of it all) there was NOTHING on earth lower than either a cheerleader or a jock. Even band geeks thought cheerleaders a lower species of life. In band, not caring about the game was de rigeur.
Mind you this was all attitide on a not-quite Heathers level but it was real for us. My apologies to any cheerleaders reading this and for all you jocks, see my entries on "Broken Arrow" and Howie Long and ask yourself who got the better part of the bargain.


I took that test. When it labelled me as a (paraphrasing here) Tri-Lambie pie...

I refused to post the results on my blog.


my results were boring:
Pure Nerd
56 % Nerd, 26% Geek, 30% Dork

My family would rate me 100% geek.

As a young adolesent, I once took apart all of my Dad's fishing reels just to see how they differed from one another, then mixed up all the parts and tried to put them back together, kind of like a reel rubix cube. Lets just say Dad had a few custom reels and two piles of junk afterwards. I had to replace a few reels and get manuals from Fran and Eddies to finish reassembly. I had a space shuttle mural on my bedroom wall and tons of space shuttle stuff, including a 1/72 scale model of Columbia, which I ended up throwing through a pyramid of empty beer cans on my 16th bday.

The test should have had freak points or negative points for mullets.

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