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August 30, 2005



Jesus H. Christ. I mean, that's shockingly bad even by careless-on-deadline standards.


this is true, Bean, not to mention that they probably had to look for awhile just to *find* a white in New Orleans now. Only today, when they showed the rescue of people in the outlying parishes, did such faces begin to show up.

New Orleans is majority black, and the poor black neighborhoods suffered the majority of the damage. So of course they will show more black people looting.


That's not the point. Why is it described as merely "finding" when it's white people? The situation each was in looked exactly the same.


Interesting the spin the New Orleans mayor put on this yesterday. Said he couldn't argue with people doing what they needed to do to get necessities, but drew the line at some of the wanton destruction and smashing and grabbing for things like guns, jewelry and other valuables going on around the city. I'm sure his acknowledgment that some of this stuff was driven by desperation will be pointed to as typical liberal permissiveness.

In other news, I see an air ambulance service is saying it won't fly sick refugees out for now because someone took a potshot at one of its helicopters.

Average joe

One is a loaf of bread. One is a bag full of shoes, the pictures are different.

Get your head out of everyone's ass and look for yourself.

If the truth hurts...then what???? Oh yeah rewrite it so it apeases the people.

Friggin' sheeple...make me sick!

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