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August 28, 2005



I posted this earlier but it didn't take...
It occurrs to me that the "his noodliness" looks a lot like something H. P. Lovecraft might have come up with on a good hair day.
So it led me to wonder: is there commercial potential in future Lovecraft/crossover projects? And what would they be like?
1) Alice Walker/Lovecraft: "The Color Purple Out of Space"!
2) Bobby Flay (and/or) Emeril/Lovecraft: "At the Meatloaf of Madness" or possibly in a lighter vein, "The Sandwich Horror"!!
3) Sprint/Verizon/Lovecraft: "The Collect Call of Cthulu"
4) Paul Verhoeven/Lovecraft: "Pickman's Model/Escort"


I want a pirates vs. temperature t-shirt.

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