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August 11, 2005



Nice hat.


He looks like a saint for the new age!


Sweetie darling, unless I am seriously mistaken, this so-called "cool guy" was one of the "gomers" from our never-to-be-forgotten Iowa trip with DL a few years ago...
So I think that pretty much eliminates his chances for real coolness don't ya think?
Or have you forgotten about Iowa so soon?


Darling! The Gomers I hired were all more normal than this character, thank you. And let's keep from disturbing our readers with reminscences about our alternative lives as almost-famous movie producers.


Semi-seriously, OK? This guy looks like a New Age Klansman. Maybe he burns mandalas on the rock gardens of people he despises for epistemological reasons, or people he hated in a past life?
I cannot believe you are turning your back on an entire alternative life you and I have so thrillingly lived through!

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