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July 21, 2005



Yeah, but is his first and primary wife named Connie?

If not I don't care.

Wanna play Six Degrees of Strang?

You know me, I know Mr. Sharp, (see the links on ye olde page) and Mr. Sharp knows Nenslo.




There is only ONE Bob to worship and we all know is it isn't an unworthy fifth-rate comic who's one moment of glory was that of being upstaged weekely by identical midgets! ALl praise to Bob Dobbs, eternal damnation (or eternal reruns of Full House, whichever is worse) to those who desecrate the Holy Word of Bob!
Remind me not to reknew my subscription to this blog!


Come now. Isn't there room in the pantheon for both 'Bob's? You don't hear me getting uptight whenever you Subgenii claim yours is the true Word of Slack while running down a certain Greek goddess, do you? Well, actually ...


O BOB you are so big! We are all very impressed down here, I can tell you. I promise to solemnly rub your TV program listings for good luck every day!
...and now for something completely different. Full house has the highest sacchrine rating given. When lab rats watch watch it for more than twenty minutes, they tear out their eyes, and rip up their ears.

The Baritone has spoken.


I am all about Bob Saget. I always base my decisions on WWBSD.


I would rather make my kids watch Queer as Folk, Desperate Housewives and The Apprentice than ever subject them to Full House. Nothing, I repeat, NOTHING can ever equal the existential nausea-inducing horror of an episode of "that program." Not Leave It To Beaver, not Punky Brewster, not even Silver Spoons comes within a projectile vomiting mile of FH. That it inflicted Bob Saget (he of the eternal curse of Bob Dobbs Sacred Pipe), John Stamos (he of the "my wife became a lesbian because of me") and Dave Coulier (he of the "where the f%^& did my career go"?) on us is bad enogh; that it inflicted the Saccharine Midgets on us as well places it in the Lake of Fire For A Thousand Years Until The Final Judgement Is Not Even A Beginning Of A True Punishment Category.
It's like the climax of a classic H P Lovecraft story: the horror too terrible to name or describe. Only cutsier....


Darling, thou doth protest too much. I bet I can find a photo of you with a mullet from way back in the Full House/Saved By The Bell years.


Why don't you people accept The Truth, as our Mollie has?


Would that make Bob Saget, "God, the Father" :)


Ever since I saw Elizabeth Berkeley in "Showgirls" I've never been able to watch an episode of "Saved/Bell" for fear of seeing somebody LAPDANCE FOR SCREECH, particularly Screech himself...
I heard rumor that the blonde kid on the show was Ricky Schroeder's boyfriend, but then I may have just made that up two minutes ago to get a reaction!

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