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June 20, 2005



Yep, Batman was fabulous. What about those glasses on Dr. Crane? I heart Christopher Nolan for making a real Batman movie.

Now we wait impatiently for the 6th Harry Potter book, and the 4th movie--due in November!

I'm so glad the world is entertaining.


This is a 4-star, not a 3 or 3.5 movie. Anyone taking that .5 off is being genre-bigoted. It's not a drama that set in the real world, or a celebrated english fantasy, so we must take off points for its comic book roots.


Happy Anniversary--a day late ;)


I agree BB. I want to make a shrine to Batman Begins. And I also agree, Pam, that Christian Bale is the most perfect Batman ever.


Are YOU a genre-bigot? Here are the warning signs:

1) You think Gandhi was a better movie than Tootsie because it was English and therefore More Important!
2) You actually like Manon of the Spring even though it's French with subtitles.
3) Claire Bloom has to be in A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy....
4) Actually had the temerity to walk out of The Pirate Movie during best scene ("Pumpin and Blowing")!
5) To this day has never seen "Can't Stop the Music"!!


I'm very psyched to see this movie. Have been ever since I learned that Christian Bale was going to be B-man. I've loved him ever since Empire of the Sun. Yes, he was the bratty little kid. And yes, what was once a creepy age difference is now suitably Hollywood, thank you very much.

Bad news for Katie Holmes (but good news for us)--according to IMDB news (granted, not the most trustworthy, but plenty buzzworthy, source) she's been dropped from future Batman movies (Bale, Caine and Freeman are all on board) because of the recent Cruismania and because they want a "stronger actress." Oooo dis!

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