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June 29, 2005



Food TV, TLC, Court TV, CNN, AMC, Discovery Channel

I'm good with those.


A&E, network (I know, I know... the shame...) PBS, Bravo, Discovery, and I guess my kids could still have Disney.


Even better, how about Channels we would LIKE to see:

The "Reruns of 'Pensacola: Wings of Gold' 24 Hours A Day" Channel
The Gillian Anderson Channel
The NCAA Wrestling Channel (Don't ask, don't ever ever ask)
The American Symphony in Concert Channel
The Diamanda Galas Channel
The Movies of Stanley Kubrick In Proper LTBX Format Channel
The Alex Krycek Channel
The Cute Penguin and Otter Pics Channel


Turner Classic Movies, HDTV1&2, HBO, Comedy Central, BBC America, Bravo, all other HD stations, Sports channels showing the Cubs games, Sundance & IFC, PBS, A&E, History Channel, Discovery Channel, and the Adult Alt Music station.

Stations I could do without: Lifetime, the Jewlery channel, QVC, Spike TV, SciFi channel and the USA network.


They stretch the really good channels over several packages so you'll buy as much as possible. Damn them. And damn extended basic.


Diamanda Galas and Alex Krycek?

That'd drive the termites out of the walls.

BTW - ala carte cable means investing in technology and equipment and the cable companies hate investing in technology and equipment.

The only two I'd be interested in would be The All Law and ORder Reruns Channel (aka TNT) and the All CSI Reruns Channel. Gala Vision would be nice since they have winter ball from Puerto Rico and lucha libre.


There aren't a lot of channels I'd keep, strangely. I must confess to enjoying the History Channel from time to time, but I get weary of war. A&E can be either great or highly irritating. Nickolodeon? Disney? OK, they'd have to stay. I couldn't survive without the electronic babysitter sometimes. Shut up, I know it's wrong. But really! How did people do this parenting thing without a tube to strap them to once in a while?


All the high def channels- inHDTV2, Discover, PBS, Sports, HGTV, Movies (not subscriptions)

HGTV and clones
Spike, turner, Encore, TNT, BRAVO, FX, UPN
CNN 1,2,3
Networks for sports and some shows
Cartoon, DIsney, ANimal planet, and nick
TV land


First it was rides on Neighbor Bill's boat (I have to meet this guy--there's something very "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf" about him [ie, he doesn't really exist]) now it's BB endorsing Spike TV. Something very very wrong here. Pam, have you checked BBs mushroom intake recently?

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