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June 22, 2005



Ok... I wasn't allowed to watch this show when I was a kid because... wait for it... it had witches in it. Ha ha ha ha. I'm so going to go see this in the theatres.


We've been seeing this trailer since the three of us went to Ocean's 12. But did anybody else notice that until TODAY you never saw Shirley McLane?

BTW - you didn't miss much by not seeing the show. I could never watch the damn thing all those nervous ansty people made me, well nervous.


i wanted to be samantha when i grew up. i used to practice twitching my nose until it drove my mother insane. i'll go see the movie, but NOBODY can touch elizabeth montgomery. :-)



Dear Darin,

You are a small minded bigot. Let Samatha be herself./ You desperately need her magic in your life. Why are you so insecure anyway? Have some fun without being evil!


Hmm! I wonder how they'll deal with the original show's whole "Reification of the Domestic" and "Anxiety Over Feminism" issues in the modern iteration. Will she "discover" that what she really wants is a job and a housekeeper?

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