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June 22, 2005



If it's big enough to pack a viola it's too big and too evil...

Little known facts:

97% of all juvenile offenders commit their first crime within six blocks of a viola!

Those supposedly "safe" Childcare Centers and Summer Camps DO NOT check their employees for viola-related incidents!

Leading geneticists have maintained for years that there is no known DNA component for viola playing, therefore it must be either Satanic or Extraterrestrial in origin!!!


Bunny could not wait for dad to get out of the door! "Don't you have to be somewhwere, DAD? I want to start playing with my gandpa right now!"

A far cry from the tearful 4 year old- I want my dada- response. This is kinda sad in a good way. I will always want to be needed like she needed me when very small. But it's good she has a lot of happy self confidence.


They probably promised her VIOLAS, ALL NIGHT LONG! GOOD LORD!


Come to think of it, that's what we heard IN THE BACKGROUND when she CALLED! Quick, to the car!


Boy Wonder informed us last week he wanted to spend the next three months with his Grandparents. In Latin America. And fly by himself. Without us.

We laughed so hard we cried.

The viola is like small children swearing. If you make a big deal of it, they are so going to want to use it EVERYDAY. :) Candidly, after spending way too much time in "Band" and "Orchestra" (I played 4 instruments, one of them Double Bass) I can tell you that any instrument is entry into geekdom. All instruments should be avoided. All. Those woodwind people THINK they are cool. They are not. nope nope nope


The Harmonica is only a gateway instrument to the much more serious Viola. Seek help.


I am so glad that after years (YEARS I SAY) of crying out in the wilderness against the evils of violas, people are finally starting to take me seriously. I feel exactly the way Jack Chick must feel: mocked by the uninitiated masses too blind to see the truth (except I have it on EXCELLENT authority--ie, Eris herself--that "Jack Chick" is an obscure Bulgarian dialect word meaning "all hail the lord of the alto clef")!
Trust no one.


I di not do things like that. I didn't yell either.
(still the prettiest)
(I am, that is)

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