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June 23, 2005



It's nice to have a quiet evening!


You guys could have at least played Naked Twister.


Why bother? The Wachowski Brothers took lessons from Chris Carter in 2 and 3 by inventing provisional explanations which are replaced by more provisional explanations interrupted by kick-ass fights (whatever else, the car chase in Matrix 2 is an absolute classic and will be the "one-upmanship" model for future action auteurs). Beyond that, any explnation offered will merely be contradicted at a later date by something just as or more confusing. I think the Matrix films are great genre-expanding mindless extrvaganzas and nothing more. Anyone who thinks they have something profound to say should go back and watch Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventures or any decent Laurence Fishburne movie (Deep Cover is a great place to start) and call me back.


I'm not finding matrix to be profound - at least, I certainly wouldn't build a religion around it. (I'm already a Discordian, you know. I'm busy!) But it's a 3-film plot that Keanu is managing to grasp faster than I can. That pisses me off.


Pam, people have been building a religion around YOU for a few yers now. Why on earth would we settle for a retarded (sorry, developmentally challenged) cosmos created out of smoke and mirrored shoes by the Wachowski Borthers?


I can see that Anthony does not understand the Wonderful World of Wachowski. BAITING YOU I AM, precious. Smith is an uber, self-conscious , discordian program gone wild, like a virus with a mind. The Key-maker is simply a password program with some flare. Tell us what the One evolved into, O movie master, and why he is battling Smith? Are the humans real at all? How did the Oracle know about Neo's nightmares? He was not in the Matrix at the time! Will the earth fall apart without the machines? How does humanity survive with no air? What medium are Zion ships traveling in? If Zion is so far down in the earths core, how can anyone survive the huge pressure gradiant? Do Zions' ships somehow go through the Magma? Confusion is the Key to Everything Wachowski.

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