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June 28, 2005



No, sorry, NOT Edwardian (which is early 20th C and WAY PAST the time for collars such as that).
You mean Elizabethan (and actually pre-Elizabethan but we'll let that slide for charity's sake)!
Or for that matter, didn't the Jetson's dog Astro wear a collar like that as well?


Oh, my bad. Only saw the Edwardian part of the headline. Had birthday today and am not paying attention owing to depression!


Why are your posts always more detailed then mine? No fair!


I remember when my cat had one of these, and he was bound & determined to make it out through the pet door. You can probably imagine: Ka-THUNK. Ka-THUNK. Over & over & over & over again. Did he ever figure it out that the cone wouldn't make it through the pet door? KA-THUNK.

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