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May 24, 2005



stay strong Pam. And whatever you do, don't look directly into their eyes!


Ewww! Fight! Rebel! Refuse! (Or just read it and then tell me about it....)


The Seven Habits of Effective People are generally vodka, speed, coke, crack, prozac, smack and methadone....


What? You don't have a hairdo minder?


Will you allow us to shoot you like a horse in pain if you start quoting Covey?


I wrote about the Edgeworth Box today, Pam. Lord help us all.


Um, can we substitute "sex" for "smack"? Thanks.



After all that smack, sex isn't a habit, it's an impossibility! (Junkie impotence is a common complaint!)


Oh god. That's really sad. Where my honey works they all read that book and Strongly Encourage new hires to read that book and they have meetings about the different habits and encorporate them into their action plants and gack it's so creepy and "ONE OF US!!" Tread carefully, dear Pam.


I took Covey training as a free offering from work. It's highly over rated- you have to developed your own style that works for you! It took me almost a year to get the programming out of my mind. These guys have it over the Moonies because they seem so innocuous. Mr. Covey is Mormon, if memory serves, and this program reflects a very western view of spirituality.



This is why I wanted to SUBSTITUTE. Heh. Less drugs, more sex. See? Oh, but then I realize that your reference to "coke" probably doesn't have the word, "diet" in front of it. *snark* I *personally* have NO idea what you are talking about-- junkie impotence indeed. I see Viagra commercials in a few rock stars futures. :)



If memory serves, Claire Bloom is in Woody's A Midsummer Night Sex Comedy.
I took the Jack Chalker "Seven Effective Mutant Body/Gender Transformation Habits of Effective Sadists" Course and let me tell you, ruling the galaxy and owning radically altered adoring harem slave women has never been easier or more effective. Thanks, Jack Chalker!
PS--Mavra and Obie send their love!

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