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May 30, 2005



I took B to see it on Saturday, which was my second viewing. He really liked it and wasn't distressed at all. "You've made me watch all the others, Mom. It's kinda obvious where this is going."


Yes, the weak Padme bothered me. After such a portrayal of her intelligence and strenght in SWI.

But more bothersome is how, not just one huge baby, but *two* could come out of that tiny lump of a belly. Come on, There had to be just a little bit of a waddle going on there when she arrived at the volcanic planet.

Oh ya. This is science *fiction*.



I just liked the parts where Anakin killed people, where Palpatine was evil and where Obi-Wan was disappointed with Anakin.
"You were the Chosen One"!
Yeah, but "chosen" for what? Did anyone bother to ask that particular question?
I'm really amused by all the people who are JUST NOW deciding to complain about Yoda's fractured syntax. Excuse me, he's been talking like that since 1980, it's a little late to be frothing in righteous indignation about his grammatical faux-pas!!
And as far as the terrible dialogue--Lucas has never written good dialogue, why pick on him now? The level of utter unbridled fury I've seen on various web sites strikes me as pathetic: the kind of anger being vented by people who've suddenly realized that there's no Easter Bunny...


It takes a formerly pregnant woman to coach actresses how to walk and move like they're pregnant. Men just don't know.

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