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May 30, 2005



Our eight year old has been complaining non-stop about the unfairness of the labor laws. He seems to think it should OK for him, at least, to go to work NOW. He figured out a long time ago that there would be no negotiating on certain items, no whinging about the latest toy, etc... so he figures if he works he can pay for it. But a cell phone for an eight year old? I think not. I don't have even have one, which gives me the upper hand on this battle at least. Of course, the reasoning of "You can't have one until I do" won't hold when he gets to hankering for a car.


Just a cell phone?

Where's the non-nogtiable demands for a cell phone AND an iPod?


More like a cell phone and a PlayStation. She's the only kid she knows who doesn't even own a Gameboy. Eeeevil parents.


No Game Boy? Good lord, woman, do you eat cooked food? Do your clothes have labels?


My oldest (14) got a cell phone for her 13th birthday. She was very excited because 'all the other kids have them'. We bought her one of the pre-pay phones and $20 to start her off. She had to earn the money to buy more cards/time by working and doing extra chores. She figured out REAL QUICK the relationship between her time working and the time talking. It has worked out: she has a phone, we don't have to worry about big bills each month and she is learning the value of $.


I love it.


I think kids today are spoiled. Hell, I was spoiled as a kid, but even if they could have afforded it, I cannot see my parents buying me designer jeans, a cell phone (actually, they might have done that if it would have kept the house lines free) an Ipod or half the junk kids seem to think are their Eris-given right to own these days. Or maybe I'm just jealous that when I was a snotty teen I only had Deep Purple albums and Selmer saxophones to covet!


Oh and Wende:

Another few years of the Bush adminstration and your eight-year old WILL be working a full-time job, mark my words...

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