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May 25, 2005



I went immediately to the "How Can I Use This?" section, which told me I was far, far more likely to get into a car accident. Oh, I feel SO much better! Aaaargh!


Go find a copy of Curt Gentry's (he of the J Edgar Hoover wash-the-dirty-linen-in-public bio) 1968 opus "The Late Great State of California" which is both an apocalyptic scenario of what would happen to CA in the result of a killer earthquake and a thinly veiled social history of the state. It also scared the complete and utter bejeesus out of me as a kid. And yes, the book ends with basically the coast of CA falling into the sea and Sacto ending up with a coastline. (It also has a great, morbid tagline where Gentry's fictional narrator notes that the phrase "Berkeley Lives" has been seen grafittied on Harvard walls!)


OT: That Storm Trooper photo is hilarious.

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