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May 25, 2005



This sounds less like Wilhelm Reich than it does like your common variety foil hat schizos.
True story: My older sister used to work as a paralegal. One of her tasks was assisting a lawyer who was a patients' rights activist. She told me of one of her "clients," a schizophrenic who said he was recieving orders from a "telephone" in his head. I told her to tell this guy that all he needed to do was get call forwarding and all his problems would go away!
The great Swedish playwright Strindberg went through a similar period of insanity in the late 1890s where he wrote about his landlady trying to influence him with telepathic "death rays" through the walls. Of course, with Strindberg, it's difficult to say if he really was that crazy or whether he was "faking it" becaue he envied the mentally ill their imaginative freedom,as anyone who has ever tried to read The Pelican or The Great Highway can testify to!


I have the plans for an orgone box somehwere on one of the shelves in this room. It's next to the schematics for a Tesla coil, I'll throw that one in too if you want it.

The Maloofs also own The Palms in Las Vegas. Once they did an interview with Jim Rome and they said the theme of The Palms is X-TREME! Vegas, Vegas meets teevee wrestling!

After that I started to believed the Maloofs are radioactive.


Jim Rome has never been the same since Jim Everett punched him while on the show. Come to think of it, Jim Rome has never been the same, ever...

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