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May 31, 2005



Government as May Sweepstakes event: just what our already dumbed-down electorate needs to navigate the tumultuous and complex waters of 21st C politics...
I guarantee you there will be no "investigations" of whether or not the street in question ever had potholes. The Chimpy-Boy Adminstration is making sure that ANY questioning of the Official Mandate Indirectly From God is met with the most savage reprisals imaginable, and Guvenator is quite the tool of Chimpy-Boy and Boy Genius (KR). So it doesn't matter that, in fact,that a Qur'an may very well have been needlessly desecrated at Guantanamo--"liberal orgs" such as Newsweek (which is about as middle-of-the-road as one could find) are being told to Behave or ELSE!
Or so I sound paranoid?


Thank you for stopping by and I'm glad you enjoyed the essay about Pixie's 4th birthday!

Yes, Grace is the finest... LOL, and as far as the love affair she reported, the story continues... :-D

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