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May 21, 2005



It is a sweet little meme, isn't it? I'm waiting for the person who says "I don't own any books!" though how it is possible that it would be someone we know... no way.


You totally cheated! Shame on you! You went "looking" for a book. The challenge said: "grab the book closest to you." I hating cheating! Here's my result, the closest reference book on my desk....

"A self-appointed elite, they clearly disliked, snubbed or despised non-German Jehudim; and they were (if one must generalize) heartily disliked--and envied-by the poorer, less assimilated, much more religious kin to their east. The familiengefiel (family feelings) of a common heritage, shared values, common problems, common threats, misfortunes and persecutions, was nevertheless exceedingly strong among European Jewry. In the United States, the social-prestige scale was sensitive and exact: first generation Jews envied second-generation Jews; and German Jewish families--Kuhns, Warburgs, Seligmans, Kahns, Schiffs, Lehmanns, Loebs, Ochses--became an elite of remarkable influence and social cohesiveness."

Whew. Good thing I didn't have War and Peace on my desk. Back to bed.


Well, I ... reached, for a book, Richard. That's my story an' I'm sticking with it!


Good for you, Pam. A book that has no educational value, except, of course, for the curriculum of life.

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