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May 23, 2005



Sign me up! I'll put down knitting needles and give it a try.


I don't suppose you could virtually pack and unpack my boxes for me?

Your idea has some merit--especially if you could have a forum where people could post their progress. Would I participate? Probably not this summer--as I have more work cut out for me than I can possible finish by September. But if life wasn't so hectic and the project was appealing... maybe. How's that for commitment? :)


I have a sewing machine gathering dust. I say bring it on!


I think it is a great idea!


I'm so, so very UNcrafty that no, I wouldn't participate -- but that doesn't mean it's not a great idea! But how would it be different than, say, a regular ol' Web site that had all the instructions on it at once?


I guess it would be different because I haven't written out all the lessons (or even started them). I could respond to feedback, people could leave comments about their progress. (The forum idea is interesting, too.) The most important difference is, people could ask clarifying questions, which you can't do to a mere set of instructions.


Are you going to offer a subsidiary class on how to be Amish as well? That would be interesting: learning how to live like it's 1699 (to semi-quote Wierd Al)!


You need to talk to Kristi, who teaches art classes online. http://knitting.designedlykristi.com/


Anthony, you crack me up. I might take those Amish classes. Actually, I need classes on how to be authentically Scandinavian. My Danish sweetie and I are moving to a very Scandie settlement and he keeps saying that flying a Danish flag outside my house will not help me make new friends. Anyone want to start a blog on how to assimilate?



Go find the four-hour Danish TV Mini-series "The Kingdom" (NOT the recent Steven King adaptation but the Lars von Trier original) and watch it carefully. By the end you'll know everything you need to know about being Danish (and how you can't trust Swedes)!
And plus, it's one of the creepiest films ever made...


Thanks Anthony--will do. I already knew about the "Swedes" thing-- honestly, who does trust them? Certainly not the Finns (heh). For starters, they keep putting that dang "O" in their names, when everyone knows "E" is the correct spelling. :)

Oh boy, I can already see the hate mail. heh


I can second the recommendation on "The Kingdom". It's amaaaaazing, thought not exactly a travelogue endorsement of Denmark.

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