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May 28, 2005



Lord knows I love me some lancome, but you're lucky if you get a decent makeover at the cosmetic counters. They slather it on like crazy. And then there's the money you spend. It's great makeup and it lasts a long time, but it's really expensive.

If you're going to go the department store counter route a couple of suggestions: Go to Nordstrom. They have the best customer service hands down. Tell the counter monkey that you want something SUBTLE, you don't want the makeup gun set to whore.

Good luck!!


Thanks, Kimberly. "Makeup gun set to whore" is my new pet phrase. It will supplant the former "slather on with a trowel"!


Heh. Makeup gun set to whore. Good one.

Once you start the process at the counter, it's actually really fun. Good luck spending less than $150 though, since the lotions and unguents will be sparkling and tempting in the extreme.


Can't you just take a picture along (third one down) and say, "Make me lok like this?"



"Aaaah! I feel refweshed!"


You DO NOT want a female friend to ride shotgun; this is clearly a SALS moment if ever there was one. SALS know all the coollest stores, they're ususally on a first-name basis with all the makeup and couture people and they, of course, have impeccable design sense...
Of course, there is always the risk that you and the SALS are in competition for the same CB, ECB and the rarely seen but always welcome UCB, but the same would be true of a female friend!
And NO, do not ever ask the SO along.


SALS vocab 101: CB = cute boy; ECB = extremely cute boy; UCB = ultimately cute boy (I think).

Ms. Jane

Makeovers are so fun!

Why kind of relationship do you have with your hairdresser? Are you going to one of the bottomfeeder places like Supercuts? If you are, that explains why you have a bad haircut.

My hairdresser and I have a good enough relationship where I can go in and say "I'm bored! I used to be fun! Make me fun again!" and he'll give a fabulous new 'do that is still corporate workplace friendly.

Careful about going to the makeup counter for a makeover. Every time I do that I spend a fortune on makeup I never use again. It may behoove you to actually hire a professional from a salon to do that... Expensive, but I don't think their goal is to sell you on stuff. I think.

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