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April 28, 2005



Snaps to the Beatles and to 8 year old girls who have discovered them!!!


Heh... My eight year old (boy) thinks the Beatles are "GREAT!" No attempt to introduce him to the 80's has proved successful.


Gee, another parent who hands out the funnies to keep the car trip with the lil' bright bulb peaceful.

Go fig.

Bunny's future prom date prefers the the CBS Radio news. Then he wants to expound on the grusome stuff while blaming the current president for why it happened. After that it's back to Get Fuzzy and Zippy.

Recently he said that The Beatles are part of the classical music tradition. He also liked Merle Haggard when we saw Merle and Bob Dylan recently. "Think I Just Sit Here and Drink" is a good one to sing along to in the car.


Bunny loves to practice Mary Poppins songs on the way home from school. She's got SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPEEALIDOECIUOS down! She wants to be in the school play as the lead. Anthony-shes' already got the thespian bug!!

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