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April 27, 2005



Dude, that is so gay...Sorry, I mean so alternatively life-styled, that she thinks something as lame as "hella____" qualifies for Bowdlerization. But don't laugh--I have seriously relgious OD co-workers who say "H.E. Double Toothpicks" when they're being naughty. NOW THAT"S Hella-lame...sorry, hella physically-challenged!
War Child is an intersting album--there's a kind of Pink Floyd substory going on in the background between tracks that's told through little snippets of dialogue and sound effects. What the story is I couldn't say, but it sure as manure beats Jerry Hadley singing "Symphony for the Devil" on the authoritatively lame "Symphonic Rolling Stones" CD of some years ago.
I don't think 8 year old kids should be listening to rap (and in saying that I know I have become my parents) but there it is: of what possible benefit to a 3rd graders mind is it to know way too much about hos, guns, smokin blunts and cappin some chump sucka who played ya? Not exactly the same cosmic togetherness fest of "All You Need is Love" or "Roundabout"!!


I've had Queens of the Stone Age stuck in my cd player all week.


I had a mini heart attack before I even got to the end of the part that started with "Eagles." See that it does not darken your stereo! Good lord, woman. I am going to burn you a comprehensive set of CDs, right now.


I've been stuck on the Rocket to Russia all week, myself.

Ms. Jane

I've been grooving to Son Volt's Wide String Tremelo.


My mom is totally obsessed with Traffic. Good stuff.

Here's what I got:
1) Beck- Guero
2) Kings of Convenience- Riot on an Empty Street
3) The Wedding Present- Take Fountain

Anxiously awaiting the best May for record releases ever: Weezer, Spoon, Sleater-Kinney and Belle & Sebastian.

I like Amnesiac better than Kid A. Particularly what I think is track 5. Most amazing bass line *ever*.


No offense, but the most "amazing" bass lick ever is Jaco Pastorious's rendition of Charlie Parker's "Donna Lee" on Jaco's debut solo CD on CBS/Sony. It's one thing to create a killer lick surrounded by 8 million dollars of studio equipment; it's another thing to simply plug your bass into an amp and play a bebop lick that saxophone players have struggled with for decades...there is barely an electric bassist walking the planet these days who doesn't owe a thing or two to Jaco!
Viva Farinelli! Viva Jaco, the Farinelli of the Fender!


Kid A in the cd player only elcits screams from the rest of the family. However each Traffic album is like taking a snapshot of the perfect sunset at the end of a great day.

Jaco was a genius - his death and how it came about was so disturbing. I saw him peform with Joni Mitchell years ago.

Oasis - Standing on the Shoulders of Giants.

Nuff said.



FOOM! And Excelsior! But doesn't Oasis's high asshole ranking spoil the sound?


Curses! Everybody has cooler CDs than me! I'm writing all these down.

Yes, but you have an SO who can fill a 3000 seat house without amplification! Can the Gallagher Brothers do that? I think not!

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