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April 03, 2005



Clocks I have to change: 10

Clocks that change themselves: 6


The casio wristwatch I found for $50 last winter has all 24 times zones, set itself daily to WWV, the gummint time signal, and it reset itself to Daylight Savings Time automatically.

The only clock at our house that needed manual tweaking was the one on the stove.


I live in Arizona. No time changes!


Actually, I had several clocks that I hadn't changed LAST time, so now they're all correct.


Well, after seven years at Hogwarts, I simply cast a "temporus mutatum" spell on all my seven clocks and I never have to worry about all this "spring forward, fall backwwards" nonsense. However, I am sick and tired of Lord Voldemord calling me up every year and asking "is this when the Muggle clcoks need turning?" and I usually answer "dude, why don't you take a few minutes from trying to take over the world and learn this simple spell" and then I have to deal with ten minutes of Unforgiveable Curses over the phone by which point I've usually hung up anyways. Fortunately, Lord V has serious ADD and never sends his Death Eaters after me cause he can't remember where I live....


Only two, and they're both in the kitchen--a wall clock and the clock on the oven. My alarm clock (aka my cell phone) changes itself.


I have 107 clocks in my house. Some are in a vcr, dvd, radio signal clock, cell phone etc...but about 93 of my clocks are on the wall or on a surface and have to be changes twice a year. Alot of them chime or ding or chirp on the hour and half hour.

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