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January 31, 2005



One word! Overrated! Unless that's two. Hmm. Personally I think he should be DOCKED Lifetime Achievement Points for Titanic. His award, in other words, should come about five years AFTER he dies, to make up the difference.


The woman who was the yearbook advisor at my highs chool was standing around outside the gym as the graduation ceremony was breaking up. She was on the verge of tears as she told us these had been the happiest years of our lives.

I looked at her and asked if she was making a case for suicide.

Oh let Leo have his award! Without hyperbole there would be no cynicism and without cynicism I'd be out of a job... asuming blogging paid anything.


I really can't see how Leo rates this award. Does he have inoperable terminal cancer or something? I'm with Jo--TITANIC sucked!


What?! I don't know you people. How could you not love the Boat Movie?

I'm sorry, but this calls for a blog post to Set You Straight.


There are two major problems with this whole idea:

1) Who on earth thinks Leo has lived to begin with?

2) Who on earth thinks Leo has achieved anything even if can be proven he has lived?

Pam knows I'm with her: Titanic saved my life in 1997 because as suicidal as I was, I couldn't check out until I had seen the movie, and by the time I did see it I felt like living again. Plus, I think it's a flawed but fascinating movie and it's no wonder Cameron has been "camera-shy" ever since then!


I think I'd feel weird taking that award at his age. I'm not superstitious, but...

And, what has he done to warrant it? Who gets it next? Brittany? Then Ashlee?


Getting a lifetime achievement award at 30 might be equivalent to playing Superman. Watch out!

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