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January 29, 2005



Cool! I have a buttload of spider man from the 80s, and a lot of xmen, too. Hard to know what to do with them. A legacy for the kids, I guess.


So while you were "in the closet" did you find Sponge Bob and Patrick? Huuh Huuh Huuh....
"Shut up Beavis"
Is there any limit to the stupidity of some people and "certain groups"? Do these people have absolutely nothing better to do with their time than play tic tac toe with the angels sitting on the head of a pin and go after the COMPLETELY imaginary sexual orientation of cartoon characters? Hell, we all know Sponge Bob is gay, but it's a 100% adult "injoke" that I seriously doubt kids will get, no more than any kid of my generation was seriously tempted to cross-dress just because we saw Bugs Bunny in drag. I mean, I wasn't tempted to do so, but if anyone out there in fact did end up as a female impersonator because of those cartoons, hey, not there's anything wrong with it....!
If any child is "tempted" into a career of alternative lifestyle behavior because of Sponge Bob, it'll be because some retarded (sorry, developmentally challenged) adult made a point of denying the kid acess to SBSP and telling him/her why, over and over again....
You can call me back with serious objections when they start airing Sponge Bob and Patrick vacationing in Provincetown or San Francisco...And ONLY if they start hitting the leather bars before 9pm!!


I am wondering what poster you have tacked to your closet door?


It's John Steinbeck, and I think it was a promotion for a reprint of Travels with Charley.

And Anthony, I agree with your non sequitor. It's too bad so few people will read it in this comments section. Now, if it were a blog post ...

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