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January 26, 2005



You are a maniac!


I was going to use the "nose to the grindstone" title, but you beat me to it. No matter, I got to trot out the cliched Jim Croce song title.

This semester is going to attempt to kill me, but I plan to stand and fight.

I like how you prefer to our prof as a "pip." Excellent word choice.


Real Cost-Benefit Analysis:
1) I love to blog but it costs me time and effort.
2) I need to pass my classes--BUT
3) I tend to become really unbearable if I don't blog to relieve the stress.
4) If I don't blog at least once every two days DESPITE my class load I will become unstable and then...
5) My SO will leave me for a Subgenius floozie he meets on the internet AND
6) My daughter will join a pre-teen cult who make random sacrifices to Hillary Duff and one of the McCulkin siblings. AND
7) My favorite long-term cyber contributor will post completely bogus posts about topics (such as Cost-Benefit Economics) that he understands no better than Courtney Love understands the term "all things in moderation..." SO
8) I'll keep posting until the dog needs to be let out!

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